How to Move your Data from iPhone to Android

How to Move your Data from iPhone to Android

The urge and need to transfer data and information across devices are inevitable in this digital era. Some devices don’t allow this transfer of data if there’s a different platform involved. This is due to the technological differences between the platforms. An example is Apple’s products such as iPhone which does not allow data transfer to Android devices directly. Worry not, there are ways which can be used to bridge the technological differences and hence allow data transfer. Transfer of Apps is not available yet. The chosen ways are:

  • Using Google Drive App
  • Using smartphone Tools
  • Doing it Manually

Using the Google Drive App

Google Drive relies on cloud technology. This implies that every platform is supported. Using cloud synchronization, data can be transferred across all platforms. This makes it possible to transfer data from iPhone to Android as shown below. This method is suitable for transferring personal data such as contacts, photos, calendar events. Before starting the backup process, ensure your device has enough power and you are connected to Wi-Fi (this process may use a lot of internet data).

Step one: Download the Google Drive from App Store to your iPhone if you don’t have it already. When it has installed, sign in using your google account. If you don’t have one, create it and use it to sign in.

Step two: Once you have signed into the Google Drive app, head over to Menu > Settings > Backup; to open the backup wizard. Then select whichever content you want to back up, or you can back up everything. After choosing what to back up, tap ‘start backup’ option and wait for it to finish.

After the backup has finished, sign in to your Android device using the same Google account you used to backup data on your iPhone. Your Android device will then sync and your content will be visible. Your contacts will be found in the contacts feature, photos will be accessible from the Googles photos app, and calendar events will appear in the Google calendar.

Using smartphone tools

If you don’t want to incur data charges, a multi-platform smartphone manager is your best option. You will require your iPhone, a USB cable, a PC/Mac (where you will install the smartphone tool) and the Android device. The smartphone tool can be downloaded from the internet. This method usually transfers everything. To transfer data, follow the procedure below.

  1. Connect your iPhone to the pc and launch the smartphone management tool.
  2. Select the contents you want to transfer (or you can store them on the pc and then transfer them to your android using the same tool later).
  3. Connect your Android device and start the transfer.

Most of these tools are coupled with options such as SMS, contacts, file manager, music, and video. They will allow you to choose what you want to transfer from your iPhone to your Android device.

Going manual

This is the hardest way but the most suitable for transferring contacts by exporting them as vCard files from your iPhone to Gmail. You can then import them from Gmail into your android device.

If you have a lot of contacts, transferring them is easier when using Apple’s website. The steps are as follows;

  1. Access in your safari browser and then open the address book.
  2. Click the Gear icon and choose Select All and then choose export vCard.

The vCard will be saved as a VCF file once you have downloaded it into your iPhone. You will then send it to Gmail where you will import the contacts into your android device.


The above are the best ways to successfully transfer your data from iPhone to android without any huddles.

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