Apple vs. Samsung

Battle of the Titans: Apple vs. Samsung

The mobile technology has been advancing over the years. This is especially for the smartphone and tablets, which came into existence in the last decade. Since their inception, these technological devices have continuously changed the way of life, affecting how people think, behave, interact, etc. People and businesses now have more access to information as well as better interactivity and communication than before.

At the heart of all these, lies two multi-million dollar companies; Apple and Samsung. These two have been the dominant players in the mobile market, with the former producing iOS based and the latter making Android-based devices.

For long, these two companies have rivaled each other, and there’s not yet a sign of the war coming to an end. If anything, this stiff competition is going to be fuelled even further by the looming release of a resurgent iPhone 8 and a non-explosive Galaxy Note 8 this year.

Company vs. Company

Samsung recently dealt a huge blow with the explosive nature of their Galaxy Note 7 smartphone, which had to be recalled. Apple, on the other side, couldn’t have scripted a better timing, as the Note 7 smartphone was recalled just before the release of their iPhone 7. Before that, Samsung had been earlier on announced as the far more selling company in the second quarter of the last year, having sold about 77 million smartphones which by far outnumbered the 40.4 million sales for Apple. This is according to a report by the International Data Corporation (IDC).

Even though neither company’s sales are wobbling, Apple has had the better of their opponent since the launch of the iPhone 7. The holiday season saw Apple’s earning rise above expectations, and this is most probably due to the fall of Galaxy Note 7.

According to data obtained from Counterpoint research, their December 2016 Monthly Market Pulse reported that Apple’s global sale for December was a record of +150 million units. For the whole year, the sum total amounted to about 1.5 billion units. However, the first eight months weren’t so good for Apple, as their market share remained a record low in comparison to the other years. This however changed swiftly after the release of iPhone 7, with the demand remaining healthy across the holiday season. The major markets included the USA, The Western Europe, Japan & China.

Samsung, however, were the winners for the better part of the last year. They expanded their push into Latin American markets after they launched their Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. They noted the considerable growth in their market share, most of which was at Apple’s expense.

When a company increases its share in premium smartphone sales, the other decreases. Therefore, their battle in the market can be described as a “Zero-sum game.” These two continue to battle, and it will be interesting to see how iPhone 8 and Galaxy Note 8 affect the market.

iPhone Vs Galaxy

It’s undeniable that both of these smartphones are great to have. However, there are some key notable differences and variations that you may need to consider before deciding on which to buy, either for your personal use or for your business.

The iPhone smartphones are great in terms of performance, especially in gaming. They are reliable, giving the service that you expect, and with no fancy features or anything of the sort. The Galaxy S and Note line, on the other hand, are every bit as elegant and boast the best camera you can find on any smartphone. They have great battery life, great features and are highly customizable. Here are a few other comparison points for these great gadgets.

Ease of Use

Between iOS and Android, the former has been hugely considered as the easier to use. This is due to the clean and simple interface that it possesses, making it easier for a user to locate apps.

However, this does not mean that the Galaxy operating system (Android) is entirely hard to use. It is quite easy to access applications, settings and basic features. The difference comes in that Android gives the user more freedom and access to many lower functions.


In terms of durability, there have been minimal changes from both Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. The latter, however, tends to have issues with the body quality. It is easier for a Samsung Galaxy to get a dent or scratch after falling. If you are a person who is more concerned about appearance, you may want to get a smartphone with a more durable body.


Most of the popular apps are available both for iOS and Android based smartphones. However, the Android system offers more opportunities for smaller developers. With Android, you can access far more applications in the Play Store than you would find in the Apple App store. If you at some point are going to be looking for some obscure applications, you may need to consider the Galaxy smartphones.

Bespoke Apps

To build your own tailored app for the iPhone, you need to get a developer’s license from apple. If you won’t be interested in bespoke apps, it’s okay. However, if you may need to develop an application that serves the specific needs of your business, you will find the Android ecosystem more inviting.

Display Quality

Apple has been having the better graphics for a long time and has been a favorite for most graphic design businesses. However, they have not made much progress in terms of the display since 2010. Samsung has bypassed them with some Sharp and Crisp displays, the best you can get as at now.


For long, Samsung has been offering far lower prices compared to Apple. The increase in quality and size has however seen an increase in Galaxy smartphone pricing, though it still remains a bit cheaper, which can be attributed to the battery being replaceable.

Here is a quick comparison:

Camera: Samsung Galaxy

Gaming/ Graphics: Apple iPhone

Battery life: Samsung Galaxy

Software: Apple iPhone

CPU performance: Samsung Galaxy

Display: Samsung Galaxy

Performance over time: iPhone


This battle between Apple and Samsung is bound to continue, at least for the foreseeable future. Every company is trying to outdo the other by offering more quality. Success for either company depends on what they do concerning their products, but then purchase for you should generally depend on what you need your smartphone to have or be.

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