5 Features we wish the iPhone could have

5 Features we wish the iPhone could have

Every iPhone user has once conjured the perfect iPhone for themselves in their imaginations. This maybe as a result of past experiences from using this Apple’s product or by using another smartphone for a while. Our only hope is that Apple will include them as most of the competitors have done since no one is ditching the Apple’s iPhone.

The most wished features are listed below;

  1. Powerful customizations

Everyone has the urge to personalize their devices and sometimes customize this and that. Although the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus considered some personalization to look stunning, they are not anywhere near the threshold of customization, ask any Android user. If only you could select what app you want to see on the on screen and apply some themes, the iPhone could be appealing. This is not possible as the software interface is locked by Apple. Thus, there’s little room for applying customization. Unlike Android, you can’t tweak the interface, add some themes or install your own widgets.

If Apple considers adding/allow for customization someday, they should allow theming and also have the following;

Always on display feature: This feature allows one to keep an eye on important things such as time and date, messages and even missed calls. Apple should borrow this feature from other Android brands such as Samsung and Motorola and make it even more customizable. It will be of great help since you do not have to wake the phone when checking notifications.

Ultra-power-saving mode: Most of the iPhone features meet the expectations of the user. From the elegant design to the aesthetic it provides. Not to mention the powerful processors accompanied by a massive storage. The downside is its battery capacity and the absence of Ultra power saving option. Although Apple introduced a power saving mode, a lot of precious battery juice is being drawn by other non-essential apps. Apple should consider adding the ultra-power saving mode to iOS. With this mode, only the required functionality can drain the battery the charge is low.

  1. One-handed operation

With a bigger display of up to 5.5”, it makes perfect sense to have this feature. Without it, you need to employ the effort of two hands. One to deal with one-half, and the other for the remaining half. With the double touch on the home button to enhance reachability, some other operations are not possible, e.g. typing with one hand. If only you could make the display to shrink a little bit like the Galaxy S7, this wish could be fulfilled.

  1. Dual SIM

One question, why hasn’t Apple included this god sent feature in their iPhone already? Two is better than one in so many ways. With the Dual-SIM capability, there will be no need of carrying two devices or having to change the Sim card now and then when you need to use your other Sim card.

  1. Wireless and fast charging

The wireless Airpods was something great. How we wish Apple could take the wireless business to the next step like the rivals, Samsung. Why not introduce the wireless charging capability on the iPhone? The lesser the wires the better the experience.

Talking of charging, we really need the fast charge capability too. With just 15 minutes of plugging in our chargers, we’ll have enough battery juice to run our iPhones for up to 7 hours like the Google Pixel and many of the vast android community of brands.

  1. Expandable memory

One best thing about iPhone, it’s their internal storage. Example; there’s a whopping 256GB of internal storage in the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. And for that, we are grateful. But for other models with 16/32GB, this is merely enough to support all of our 4k videos and other rich media contents. If we see a slot for an SD card in your next version of iPhone, we’ll deeply appreciate. Most of our problems will be solved like data transfer and we’d store more content. With the latest technological advances on storage media, we’ll pay less for a higher storage capacity. Also, Android guys won’t have a thing to pick on us.


We could have wished for more, but by getting rid of the 3.5mm jack, we’re expecting a lot to be done on the iPhone.

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