10 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Your iPhone

10 Must-Have Productivity Apps for Your iPhone

Our smartphones have become indispensable personal companions; everywhere we go, they are always with us. With the recent releases, smartphones are equipped with a massive storage, powerful processors, 4th generation connectivity and other capabilities. Apple’s iPhone comes packed with this capabilities, and with their recent launch, Apple aims to make you more productive than before. Developers want that too, they have come up with new cutting edge apps and also updated the existing apps to take advantage of the iPhone capabilities.

As a result, Apple’s App Store is loaded with apps for you to choose from, to avoid wasting time on ‘not so good’ apps, the list below provides you with the best productivity apps that you must have on your iPhone. They include note-taking apps, storage services, task management apps and office suites.

Any.do (Free)

Liked by many, Any.do tops this list of 10 must-have productivity apps. Whether it’s jotting down notes, assigning tasks to others, or sharing your lists, Any.do has you covered. Equipped with geolocation reminders, this task management app ensures you never forget any of your daily tasks. To do lists also ensure your schedule is on track as planned. It’s sync capability updates your lists across all platforms such as web or desktop. With a voice entry feature and calendar integration, adding lists and managing them is now easier. File attachment is also available.

To further enhance your productivity, this app has Any.do moment feature. You can never miss reviewing your daily tasks.

Evernote (Free)

Bundled with the integration of a cloud service, Evernote is truly your premier productivity app whilst you are away from your desk. With its superior note taking services, Evernote allows users to take notes and upload them. It also allows audio and video snippets to be taken. It has powerful formatting and organization options. Being a cross platform app, it’s able to sync your files from one device to another. Besides having these strong capabilities that outdo its competitors, the free version allows users to upload content of up to 60MB. The Evernote plus and premium plans allow for a deeper and more powerful search, increased content upload and email customer support.

IFTTT (Free)

With a variety of inbuilt applets, you will no longer do repetitive tasks manually. IFTTT allows the automation of tasks such as messaging, managing your smart home and also backing up of content to cloud accounts. Custom tasks can also be built from the applets. The combination of multiple tasks and their respective triggers enhance productivity in an IFTTT manner (If This, Then That), hence the app’s name.

Google Drive (Free)

This app from Google provides cloud storage to its users. As a rule, most products from Google are integrated with the vast google ecosystem. This enhances productivity as it allows file sharing and also collaboration on shared projects. It has a built in the office suite and also tools for viewing of photos and playing videos. With the versatile cloud storage, it’s easy to make configurations of various functionalities such as quick access, folder structure, and sharing settings.

Asana (Free)

Asana is a must-have productivity app for your iPhone. With Asana, project management is done effectively. This app allows users to create workspaces where they can manage and create projects easily. Project tasks can be assigned to specific individuals or to a team and this allows for deadlines, requests, and comments to be made. Asana allows collaboration from other platforms hence communication is done efficiently.

With Asana, the nightmare of managing multiple emails from different people is solved. By the use of a workspace, you can keep track of emails of each member from the member’s tab. Moreover, if a member belongs to more than one workspace such as a manager, the tasks of their projects are handled independently. Viewing of projects can be organized according to; priority, assignee and by associated tags. This filtering feature is a great deal for customization.

Do.com (Free)

As compared to other apps, Do.com is a lightweight task management app that seeks to improve productivity among individuals and teams. With the latest updates, Do.com provides tools for better management of project’s tasks and processes. This makes Do.com a perfect fit for freelancers, individuals and even project teams to efficiently manage tasks without application overheads.

Dropbox (Free)

Utilizing the cloud storage service, Dropbox caters for your storage and sharing needs. It can handle literary any data uploaded to its cloud service and also allow collaboration services. Through syncing, data can be easily accessed from any device.

Trello (Free)

Trello presents itself as a highly customizable board for setting up anything from to-do lists, taking notes and much more. Created lists are filled with cards; containers for holding tasks, pictures and any ideas. It allows users to drag, drop and moves lists accordingly. This cards can be shared among users. What makes Trello great is the ability to work with other people, it can assign tasks.

Outlook (Free)

This email app from Microsoft is a must have when it comes to managing emails. With integration to cloud services and an intuitive friendly user interface, it’s a smart move to ditch any email app you’re using. The new controls allow Outlook to put your important emails first whilst letting you organize your inbox. It’s packed with productivity as it brings your emails, contacts, calendar and attachments into your reach, thanks to its in-built analytic engine. Outlook is designed to work with other email accounts too.

Word, Excel & PowerPoint (Free)

To achieve a near desktop productivity in smartphones, Microsoft Office made a suite of programs apps for iPhone and other platforms. This app includes the beloved Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. This app allows viewing and editing of documents while maintaining maximum compatibility. Although it doesn’t feel good editing documents from a 5” display, these apps are lifesavers when you are away from your workstation. They also support cloud services to allow sharing and collaboration.


Although they’re many apps to consider, the above are the must-have productivity apps for your iPhone. They are free to download and install from the App Store, although some have subscriptions and membership plans for added features and functionalities.

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